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Tips on Hiring a Collection Attorney to Defend You Against a Lawsuit

When a collection lawsuit is filed against you, consider hiring a collection lawyer right away. Thinking of representing yourself in court or taking the lawsuit for granted will not do you any good. If the court determines your lack of response, it can make a judgment without proceedings, and that judgment will almost always not favor you. Here are some tips that can help you when hiring a collection attorney.


Take Immediate Action

When served a lawsuit, you have about five days to respond. Failure to do so will lead to a court judgment against you. Given this, you must take immediate action and look for a lawyer who can help you deal with the problem. You need someone who understands the law governing debts and knows how to respond quickly to the summons attached to the lawsuit.

Find the Right Lawyer

Because there are a lot of lawyers dealing with commercial collections, you may find it challenging to get a reliable one to handle your case. You can narrow down your choices, however, by getting referrals from loved ones, friends, and other lawyers. Online directories are also reliable sources of information about the most qualified lawyers practicing in your area.

Strengthening Your Defense

Schedule an initial meeting with your collection lawyer. Ready all documents that can help your case. You may have to provide some personal information but trust that your lawyer will respect your privacy and use those information only when necessary. The attorney may ask the origin of your debt and the reasons you failed to clear it out. He may inquire about the kind of collectors you’re dealing with and what collection methods they have used so far. Out of these pieces of information, your lawyer can come up with a strategy that can help lighten, if not dismiss, your case.

Debt when left unmanaged can accumulate until you become unable to pay. To avoid being in this tough situation, learn to manage your finances properly. In case your collectors have started harassing or threatening you, or if a collection lawsuit has already been filed, your best option is to hire a collection attorney. Consider including one in your circle to have an immediate support when debt-related issues suddenly arise.

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