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Marital property agreement - Ruffi Law Offices, S.C.

Estate Planning Tool: Marital Property Agreement

Wisconsin is a marital property state. Marriage is considered a partnership, and married spouses are generally treated as though they share equally in most assets. Each spouse is presumed to own an undivided one-half interest in all marital property. For example: If Mary and Glenn own $100,000 of marital property, upon Glenn’s death, Glenn’s estate […]

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The Impact of the Election on Wisconsin Hispanics – Attorney Lisa Temich Kaiser

Recently Ruffi Law Office’s immigration attorney Lisa Temich Kaiser sat down with WPR Route 51’s host Glen Moberg and Tony Gonzales, executive director of the Wausau-based EAG Interpreters and co-chair of Toward One Wausau, to discuss the impact of the recent presidential election on members of the central Wisconsin Hispanic community. Sources: WPR Route 51 […]

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Host an Estate Planning Party!

If you’re like most people, updating (or creating!) your Will and optimizing your Estate Plan probably ranks low on your list of things to get done, even though both are of critical importance to your family’s future and peace of mind. Why not make it fun? In fact, why not make it a reason to party? […]

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